Swiss Alpine Herbs
Swiss Alpine Herbs


Natural cultivation promotes harmonious plant growth; it gives the herbs time to develop their incomparable aroma.

Out of conviction as well as respect for nature, our farmers refrain from the use of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and chemical fertilisers. Our partners practise extensive organic agriculture. They are subject to strict conditions imposed by BIO SUISSE (the association of Swiss organic farming organisations).

The «Bud» symbol guarantees high and uncompromising quality. Strict adherence to the rules for «Bud» certification is checked each year by an independent testing body.

Swiss Alpine Herbs Bio Qualität

The bud label stands for

100% natural and entirely plant-based

Our high-quality, organic herb mixes and seasoning blends are the ideal addition to any balanced and healthy diet.

They are free from additives such as anti-caking agents and do not contain starch, yeast extracts or refined sugar. They are 100% natural and entirely plant-based.

Do you believe in using pure, unadulterated ingredients? If you do, our Swiss Alpine Herbs are perfect for your day-to-day cooking needs.

The products featured on this website contain none of the following: